Buy Potty Patrol toilet training alarm diapers now


Potty Patrol Starter Kits include the items shown above.

Potty Patrol Training Guide Includes all the information you’ll need to use the Potty Patrol Starter Kit!

Potty Patrol toilet training alarm diapers 25-40 lbs

24 Alarm Sensor Diapers Every starter kit contains 24 sensor diapers. When the blue sensor strips detect wetness, they trigger the Potty Patrol alarm to sound.
+ The Potty Patrol Alarm Diaper Refill Kits provide sensor diapers to be used with the alarm provided in the original Potty
Patrol Alarm Diapers Starter Kit.

step-by-step Directions
step 1
Put on diaper.
Place a Potty Patrol sensor diaper on your child with
the snaps and blue sensor strips in front.
  step 4
Place your child on the toilet.
When the alarm sounds, immediately place your child
on the toilet while the event is still fresh in their mind.
step 2
Snap on alarm.
Snap the Potty Patrol alarm directly on to the front of the
diaper. The alarm is automatically activated once
it is snapped on.
step 5
Unsnap the alarm.
Once it has sounded, unsnap the alarm from the used diaper
to turn it off and reset it. It's now ready to store or to be
snapped on a new diaper.
step 3
Listen for alarm.
Once it detects wetness, the alarm alerts parent
and child by playing a short siren followed by “Twinkle,
Twinkle Little Star,” twice.
step 6
Celebrate success!
Placing your child on the toilet immediately, will help them
link cause and effect more quickly and effectively and achieve
greater potty training success.

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